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In order to get traffic to your site and get noticed you need to get it listed on the best search engines on the Internet. Not only that but you need to make sure that you stay listed. Doing that means submitting and resubmitting your site by hand, unless we do it for you.

For $4.99/mo. our Site Submission service will submit your entire site monthly to at least sixteen of the top search engines and directories including:

Alta Vista InfoSeek/Go Network
Hot Bot AOL Search
Excite Google
LookSmart Lycos
Magellan MSN
Netscape Northern Light
What-U-Seek Snap
Web Crawler Goto

In addition to submitting your site, we will report to you your site's current postion on the search engines so that you can track it's placement. We will also provide an analysis of your site with suggestions on what changes to make to improve your site's position on a search engine.

Sign up for Site Submission today and begin receiving search engine traffic!

For existing account holders go to the Account Management page.
For new customers choose the Site Submission button when signing up for your new account.

*Please note that use of the Site Submission service does not guarantee placement on any of the listed search engines. Search engines may arbitrarily decide to place site on thier engines. We also cannot guarantee position on the search engines. Search engine algorithyms are usually kept secret and they decide on placement.