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Account Management

This page is for existing account holders who need technical assistance or want to make changes to their account.

Technical Assistance and How To:

If you have a question or have run into a problem, please check our How To section. Chances are good that the answer to your question can be found there along with some other good info you might find handy. If you don't find the answer there please open a trouble ticket.

Account Changes:

To make changes to an existing account such as e-mail options, address changes, or payment options go to our Account Changes page. To properly identify you, please enter your existing account name or domain name and password. All other fields on this form are optional. Only fill out the fields that you wish to make changes to!

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your account please e-mail us at service@millcityweb.net. Please include your account or domain name and the type of account you wish to change to.